POP UP3 modular sanitary unit

The modular POP UP3 toilet unit of Van Overbeek offers profit in space, convenience, finances, and the environment. We are involved from the first sketch up to and including the final product.

Achieve more with less. This is central to the development of the units that are mainly used at festivals and large events. The smart design ensures durable units against vandalism and severe weather with complete interior and efficient folding and unfolding.

Only 80 cm of the 240 cm in height will remain after folding. This results in big savings in transport volume; only one third of the original transport volume is needed. This is good in perspective of CO2 footprint as well as cost.

By applying vacuum technology known from aviation, water savings of 80 to 85 percent are possible. An enormous amount on the millions of liters of water that are flushed through the toilets during major events.

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