Semi-public sector

Our innovative solutions also find their way within the semi-public sector in The Netherlands. Our customers include Dutch municipalities, cluster organizations, healthcare institutions, education, defense, police, etc.

Based on digitization, we devise concepts and realize solutions that automated or standardize work.

For example, we have developed a user-friendly, safe and stable social-medical reimbursement application with a "Digital Living Square" for automation of administrative and financial settlements. More about this on the website of Finetic, one of our daughter companies.

From product development we started to make the circumstances of a soldier in mission easier.

Perhaps you have also seen our InterceptDone concept in a news item? Unfortunately, it was far ahead of its time and the need is only now relevant in the case of, for example, smuggling activities around judicial institutions.

At TSG Group we can help from question or first idea to realisation. Feel free to contact us to talk about it and see if we can take next steps together.