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TSG Essempio is an A to Z product engineering and design agency. We have been active in product development since 1991 for various markets. Because we are broadly oriented, we have gained a lot of experience with different techniques and this allows us to completely unburden our clients. Because we have different disciplines in-house, we can approach projects from different angles with experience in development of hardware and software of products.


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Product Strategy

The development of a new product is always accompanied by a strategy. A good strategy describes clear objectives and a solid plan to achieve them, and this creates a clear picture of the market and a widely supported vision as a common thread for successful development of the product.

We can guide your organization by jointly setting up and developing a clear strategy.

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Product Design

Our aim is to design beautiful, functional and sustainable products with an eye for the future. Development goes much further than just design at TSG. Designing a product or service is about bringing together people's wants and needs and what technology has to offer.

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UX/UI Design

A good product or service is more than a beautiful or functional product. We believe in the importance of the total product experience. By applying UX and UI design, products and services look more intuitive, safe and above all pleasant to work with. Our Finetic development department can support us in development for digital applications.

When developing a user interface, it is essential to obtain input from the users. A customized user test is possible for every project; from brief interviews with the target group to usability testing for medical products. Curious about these techniques?

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Product Visualizations

Even before a prototype has been made, a photo-realistic impression of the intended end result can be achieved with the aid of a visualization at an early stage of the product development process.

Visualizations are a strong tool when making decisions in the field of appearance, design and experience of the product. This allows potential challenges to be identified and addressed at an early stage.

In addition, visualizations are often used for marketing purposes when no photos of the product are (yet) available.

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Product Engineering

Every part of the product is worked out in detail for industrialization. The manufacturability, production techniques, the necessary assembly steps and the possibility of disassembly for service and recycling play an important role in the cost price and the scalability of the end product.

Our product engineers offer experience in technical development of products and, in addition we can also provide support in the field of simulations, optimization, auxilliary tooling etc.

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Embedded Software

Our various business units work closely together to develop and apply software for products. Developments in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) also ensures that product development and web and software development are growing closer together. This allows us to expand the functions and experience of products, manage processes, read out information and display relevant data on Graphical User interfaces (GUI).

Processes can be optimized with this data, which may make products cheaper, more user-friendly and also more sustainable. Imagine of making predictions about future maintenance, or the possibility to provide a product with the latest updates remotely.

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Product Prototyping

A prototype brings an idea to life. Prototyping is therefore an indispensable tool for testing and communicating a product with the end user or (potential) customer. TSG Group has a workshop with various 3D printers and some conventional processing machines, for example for the optimization of parts.

This enables us to build composite functional prototypes. This allows us to test, improve and validate designs in an early phase in consultation with the customer in an iterative process.

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Product Industrialization

An industrialization process includes everything to get a product (in large numbers) to the market. We have the necessary competencies and services to take care of this process properly.

Our large network with a number of production partners enables us to consider many different options, aiming for a good balance between quantities, costs and other requirements. This varies from supply chain management to optimization of the total product life cycle, and from packaging design to tooling for assembly.

In some cases, a product certification is also applicable and in this area we can help setting up the required documentation, and carry out simulations and tests when necessary.

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(Pilot) Production

After the industrialization phase, pilot production takes place for the first product runs to verify and validate the product and underlying processes. What makes TSG Essempio unique is that (if necessary) we can process, assemble and produce products in our own workshop in 'low volumes and high complexity'. 

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