Medical device for wound treatment with cold plasma

Every 30 seconds someone, somewhere in the world, loses a foot through amputation. More than 80% of these amputations are caused by diabetic foot ulcers. Cold plasma can stimulate wound healing. Plasmacure has developed a safe way to apply cold plasma directly into a wound.

Plasmacure from Eindhoven in The Netherlands has developed and patented a novel method for the treatment of foot ulcer, to prevent surgery or even amputation.

Millions of people suffer from diabetes and many of them develop a so-called diabetic foot. Early treatment and wound healing is possible by applying a cold plasma using the developed PLASOMA device with accompanying pads.

This cold plasma pad is an electronic patch that helps to heal wounds better and faster. The pad with embedded electrode and electronics is connected via a special cable to a high voltage pulser that supplies the patch with electrical current and generates a plasma of low temperature.

The treatment effectively kills bacteria in wounds, stimulates cell growth and local blood circulation to promote the healing process. The treatment is painless, only takes 1 minute a day and is repeated 20 to 30 times, depending on the status of inflamation of the wound.

Socibike ontwikkeld door TSG Essempio

From the early beginning of the project, TSG Essempio has been involved in the development of this medical device and single-use cold plasma patch. The services we have used are conceptualization, prototype development and realisation, risk analyses, the mechanical design taking into account the user-friendliness, materials advice and assistance in setting up the supply chain.

TSG Essempio also took care of the industrial design, made product visualizations and interactive animations.