Innovation and technology

Innovation is a driver of competitiveness and growth, and this applies to almost every company. At TSG Group, innovation and technology come together and is translated into new concepts, products, machines, processes and applications. We put innovations into practice..

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We have a lot of experience in the field of new technologies and themes such as 3D printing technology, Internet of Things, Circular Economy, bicycle innovations and Smart Industry and we continuously challenge our customers and ourselves.

Together with our customer, we make products, processes and machines smarter. We make use of knowledge and experience present at our four business units.

Circular Economy

One of the major transitions in which TSG is active concerns the transition to a Circular Economy.

With 3 TSG employees, together with Fontys FECT, we are (pro)actively part of the 10-FTE Sustainability Taskforce of the high-tech cluster Brainport Industries in Eindhoven with the aim of creating a sustainable and future proof manufacturing industry in the Netherlands.

How do you implement circular entrepreneurship and what are the circular business opportunities for your company?

By taking steps towards circularity as a manufacturing company, you can strengthen your competitive position as a pioneer in your industry. A vision and company policy focused on Circular Economy (CE) and sustainability also are likely to act as a magnet in the recruitment of new personnel. Finally, a transparent materials balance ensures higher security of supply of raw materials (Raw Critical Materials).

TSG Group works together with customers to look at different aspects that will make the business more sustainable in both short and long term. We do not rule out the emergence of new (circular) business models because we can also think in terms of service models such as PaaS and SaaS and also develop them because we have bundled machine - product - material - software expertise in-house.

Our large and diverse business network enables us to make connections to close cycles within the manufacturing industry more easily. Closing loops in the supply chain and in society as a whole is what is necessary to achieve a Circular Economy together!

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3D Print Technology

TSG Group develops technologies in-house for market players active in the field of FDM printing. We develop concepts for important components, peripheral equipment for secondary processes and even complete machines, including design and realization for specific applications. We can also carry out pilot production or serial production for you.

We are happy to assist you with custom solutions in the field of 3D printing. From our close collaboration with Blackbelt, we develop and realize integrated printers in an existing production line and robotized FDM print lines, for example. In the field of print farm solutions, we work together with AMPC Solutions.

Did you know that the assembly, final testing, packaging and shipping of the BLACKBELT 3D printer - an FDM 3D Infinity Printer - took place at TSG Group before it was owned by a Belgian company?

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Cycling innovations


TSG Group designs and realizes custom machines, packaging lines and components for the bicycle industry. Special machines often involve the industrialization of processes to produce parts or assemblies in high annual volumes. Where no machines yet exist or where a higher degree of precision, reproducibility and/or output is required, TSG Group can offer new solutions. In addition to developing machines, we also like to look at a total process together with the customer to link different production steps through automation and by integrating test and inspection steps.

In addition to machines, test modules and tools, we are also active in the field of design and product development of bicycles and bicycle components.


Material technology

Material technology and the plastic deformation of metals, such as deep drawing, bending or upsetting, is one of TSG Group's specializations.

Materialization and applied research and analysis of materials are often part of the development processes that we go through for customers. It is an important link in the innovation process, because innovation is impossible without a thorough knowledge of materials.

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Industry 4.0

Since 2015, TSG Group has been able to call itself Ambassador of Smart Industry. As one of the first mechanical engineering firms, TSG Group has joined this initiative to help the Dutch manufacturing industry to a higher level.

The development of the Podoprinter is an example of a Smart Industry or Industry 4.0 project.




Smart products & machines

The four business units of TSG Group, TSG Innoteq, TSG Essempio, TSG Engineering and Finetic, complement each other optimally when it comes to making machines and products smarter. The Internet of Things (IoT) plays a major role in this. Machine and product development and web development are converging and yield major benefits, such as insight into big data.

For example, for machines and products, we can read out data and display it on handy dashboards. This information can improve processes, but also make predictions about the future. For example, when preventive maintenance is required or over the life of a machine. And that, in turn, can be cost-effective.

How can data add value to your product or idea? We would be happy to discuss this.