UX / UI Design

A good product or service is more than a beautiful or functional product. At Essempio, we believe in the importance of the total product experience. By correctly applying sound UX and UI design, products and services become simple, safe and above all pleasant to work with.

Our web development department Finetic can support us in this with both front-end and back-end development for various digital applications.

The user first

Where User Interface (UI) design is mainly focused on the user-friendly presentation of information on screens (the interface), User Experience (UX) goes further and looks at the entire experience; think of the use and physical properties such as color, packaging, but also the buying process and the position of the product within the branding/product strategy as a whole.

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We deliver customization

A suitable solution is possible for every project; from brief interviews with the target group to complete usability studies for, for example, medical products (IEC 62366).

We use proven techniques such as user testing, scenario sketching, customer journeys, storyboards, wireframes, prototypes, etc., to design this subjective part of a product as structured as possible.

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