Development of sewer inspection
camera system

Camtronics has asked TSG Group to redesign the MiniFlex sewer inspection camera for rampup to larger annual production volumes.

Camtronics is specialized in developing and producing sewer inspection cameras including electronics and mechanics for pipeline inspection in various applications.

Over the years, a complete line have been developed and marketed. These sewer cameras are off course used for inspections of sewers, but also for air ducts, pipes, hollow walls, etc.

It is where installers and plumbers cannot observe directly, but where it is still required to perform an inspection or analysis.

To limit the level of investment for a first market introduction of a new product, flexible production techniques are often used. Along with the success and growing sales, production is upscaled till a point is reached where mass production techniques become economically attractive compared to the initial production methods.

The assignment to TSG Group to design a smart and contemporary redesign, based on injection molding, while retaining the design DNA of the existing MiniFlex. Throughout this entire project we worked closely together with Camtronics' engineering department to achieve the most optimal design.

Vogels Super Flat
MiniFlex Camtronics

Through continuous collaboration and feature integration, the new MiniFlex now consists of fewer parts, resulting in a more robust product and a more user-friendly design.

These adjustments have not only led to more cost-efficient production processes, but also to a more robust and aesthetic end product than the original design. In short, a win-win situation!

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