We design, develop and optimize products, machinery and tools. 

We are an innovative company in which knowledge, design and technology come together.

Our total offer

TSG Group designs, develops and optimizes products, machines + software, tools and web applications. This takes place both on a national as well as international scale within various sectors and so called Dutch Top Sectors such as HTSM, Health & Life Sciences, Agri & Food, Mobility, Lighting, Sports & Leisure, Consumer and Yachting.

Nearly one hundred specialists are active on internal and external technical projects with a focus on providing a total solution. Within the group there is strong cooperation and synergy between the four business units. TSG Group consists of Finetic for website projects, search engine optimization and web applications, TSG Essempio for product development from concept to industrialization, TSG InnoteQ for projects in the field of special machines, mechanization & tools and TSG Engineering for engineering support at your office.

In brief: the TSG Group offers total solutions.

TSG Group invest a lot in development of its own staff.

Working at TSG

Our employees are of great importance in our technical projects. We pay a lot of attention to ambitions and personal development of our staff.

TSG Group helps you in exploring and developing your personal ambitions and realizing your future goals.

Work at TSG