Development & realization of electro-hydraulic special machines




For issues in the field of development and industrialization of precision metal parts, companies often contact TSG InnoteQ.

For a development in the field of a high-efficiency heat-cold generator, assemblies of thin-walled metal tubes containing a number of deep-drawn metal cups thermally bonded were required.

TSG InnoteQ has developed functional prototypes based on the proof-of-concept that TSG has devised and realized for this customer in order to achieve a workable production process. To limit investments in this early phase of development and risk spreading, manual tools and processes were first used, which were devised, developed and realized in-house at TSG Group.

After validation of the process, we switched to a semi-automatic process for higher numbers in test products. Ultimately, TSG InnoteQ designed and built two different electro-hydraulic special machines and tools for industrialization of parts production and production of the required assemblies with high accuracy and reproducibility of this promising new thermal energy generation technology.

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