Vogel's Super Flat

Development of display mount system

In close cooperation with Vogel's, TSG Essempio has developed the Super-Flat television mount product line.

Everthing starts with an idea...

Determined to create the ultimate sound experience for his jazz music, Harry Vogels developed the first wall mounts for loudspeakers in 1973. With this Harry hangs his speakers in the perfect position and Fats Domino and James Last sound like they are playing live in the living room.

What started with wall mounts for loudspeakers has grown into the leading Vogel's brand. Specialist in mounting and fixation systems for audiovisual & multimedia equipment.

In close collaboration with Vogel's, TSG Essempio has developed the Super Flat TV mount product line. As the name suggests, these products distinguish themselves from competitors by their flat design. The space between wall and television is only 2 centimeters.

Due to the limited space, thin materials have been chosen that offer sufficient rigidity and sturdiness for televisions of no less than 70 kilograms.

Vogels Super Flat
Vogels Super Flat

One of the most important steps in the development process is Design for Manufacturing, which includes predefined requirements in terms of manufacturability, material and a low cost price. Finally, the full color packaging completes this beautiful premium product.

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