Cooll Energy heat pump technology

Cooll is developing a new heat pump technology. This SuperHybrid from Cooll is the one-to-one replacement for the high-efficiency gas boiler in existing homes, can be combined with both high and low temperature heating and does not have a separate outdoor unit. 

CO2 reduction without increase of electricity usage

The heat pump is powered by gas or hydrogen and extracts heat from the outside air, saving 30 to 50% on gas and reducing CO2 emissions by 30 to 50%. Characteristic for Cooll is that this happens without an increase in electricity consumption. The heart of the heat pump is an adsorption array, the replacement for an electric compressor. In order to make these adsorption arrays manufacturable and affordable, TSG Group and Cooll started working on new production methods 10 years ago. Impossible production steps with tight tolerances have been made possible thanks to TSG Group with methods that are scalable.

The result: a novel manufacturing method for big production volumes

TSG Group has developed a special press that makes it possible to produce this unique product in large numbers. The process within the press is based on a metal transformation technology with which TSG Group has extensive experience, certainly in the combination with machine construction and control. In this case for Cooll, we have introduced a combination that basically revolves around plastic and elastic deformation of the materials.

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