Bicycle rim drilling machine

TSG InnoteQ has developed an industrial rim drilling machine for Ryde that creates hole patterns in metal bicycle rims.

Ryde is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum rims. By 1908, Ryde was already synonymous with safety and first-class products.

From the very beginning, Ryde has focused on the production of rims, an activity in which it has specialized since the 1950s. Over the years, Ryde has always worked with the largest bicycle and wheel manufacturers. As a result, Ryde is able to deliver the highest quality rims in every segment, from the simplest rims to the most advanced.

TSG InnoteQ has developed an industrial drilling machine for Ryde that produces patterns of holes in aluminum bicycle rims. Production takes place in a one-piece-flow setup. This means that each specific rim is individually produced according to the principles of a mass-manufacturing process.

Cycle time as well as accuracy and reproducibility are important requirements in the development of this 6-axis CNC-controlled machine. The associated control and software were developed at TSG InnoteQ and the machine was completely realized in the proto / pilot shop of TSG Group.

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