Customer Competence Pool

Our Customer Competence Pool has over 100 engineers that we can deploy. They are specialists with specific competences and expertise who can work for you now and in the future on projects at your facility as well as turnkey projects at our office. This model offers you a great degree of flexibility.

Our engineer is a member of the project team at your office and also forms part of the pool under the control of one of our Business Managers at TSG Group. In the event of a new development project on your site, the engineer can return to your office. It is also possible to outsource this project to TSG InnoteQ or TSG Essempio as a turnkey project, including the involvement of the engineer. In this case, the engineer will be able to provide us with useful information about your way of working and other useful company information.

Short and existing communication lines between you, TSG Engineering, TSG InnoteQ and TSG Essempio will speed up and streamline your future development projects, while risks can be better assessed at an earlier stage.

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