Prototype & Pilot Production

We process, assemble and manufacture in our own workshop (components for) your products and machines. We develop both prototypes (one-offs) and pilot runs (first trial series).

Without production, you cannot develop. This is why we brought Prototype & Pilot Production in-house a decade ago. And that has many advantages:

  • Raising knowledge levels
  • You, the customer, can immediately see what it is all about
  • No delays in the development process
  • Rapid and direct line from engineering to prototype
  • No disturbance through lean manufacture by the mass producer
  • We take the uncertainties out of the process through making small series, without burdening the eventual manufacturerr

Processing and manufacture

In the processing of (stainless) steel and aluminium we employ cutting-edge processing technologies, like deep drawing and laser welding. In addition, we hold patents for the metal deforming technology thin wall butting. We employ methods like stamping, injection moulding and laser welding for the manufacture of series of components. Our services:

  • All mechanical processing
    (milling, drilling, turning, section milling, round grinding, boring)
  • MIG and TIG Welding
    (steel, stainless steel, aluminium)
  • Laser welding (precious) metals
    (within a range of 500x500x500 mm)
  • Injection moulding of plastics, insert and outsert moulding
    (to max 50 ton internal)
  • Deep drawing of various metals with hydraulic deep-drawing presses
    (in-house assortment of deep-drawing tooling)
  • Stamping metals and products in small series
  • Assembly of products and machines
    (in large mechatronic assembly shop with ESD area (anti-static safe area)
  • Medical assembly

Thin wall butting

We developed the technology for thin wall butting ourselves. This project was made possible in part through a contribution from the European Fund for Regional Development within the scope of OP-Zuid.

Thin wall butting projects

  • Eye surgery equipment
  • Strain gauge technology
  • Automotive drive chains
  • Hose couplings for consumer industry, automotive industry and aerospace
  • Display industry

Medical assembly

Our workshop has recently been upgraded, so that it can also be used for medical assembly. We currently follow the methods for medical certification. We can consequently actually assemble, especially small (fragile) products, in a clean environment.


We assemble product components into finished products. We have also dedicated a separate area for the assembly of machines. We can take machines apart, optimise, construct and test them here.

Our machines

  • Various stamping presses up to 32 ton
  • Hydraulic deep-drawing presses up to 80 tonn
  • Large assortment of standard deep-drawing tools
  • Injection moulding machine 50 ton (horizontal / vertical)
  • Laser welding machine
  • MIG and TIG welding
  • Sandblasting
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Demagnetising
  • Bending bench
  • Various assembly stamps
  • Grinding (profile, round and smooth)
  • Polishing
  • Complete machine plant

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