Downpak - root canal treatment

This electronic device is used by dentists for root canal treatments (warm obturation). Depending on the passage of the root canal different sizes of exchangeable tips are applied.

On this device, the temperature can be set more accurately during treatment in order to melt gutta-percha - a type of natural rubber for the filling of a prepared channel - optimally. An additional vibration can be selected for a better result on lateral microchannels.


The project is a good example of the capabilities that the TSG Group is able to offer in the field of mechatronic solutions. A major problem was posed by miniaturisation, user-friendliness and appearance. A broad range of materials, finishes and manufacturing techniques were reviewed in order to achieve the correct functionality, ergonomics and appearance.

We were involved in the development process from the initial design to industrialisation. Prototypes and test equipment were built and tools such as molds and dies were specified and developed using an optimal supply chain.