Ryde rim drilling machine

TSG InnoteQ has developed its own carbon rim drilling machine, which drills and mills hole and slot patterns in high-end carbon bike rims. Manufacturing takes place in a one-piece-flow configuration. This means that each specific rim is individually manufactured according to the same principles used in mass production. Read more.

Opel Steering Wheel Controls

The controls around car steering wheels that operate indicators and lights, cruise control, windscreen wipers and washers need to be intuitive, accurate and especially durable. Read more


The Clixys® 3- and 5-pole flat cable connector system was invented for rapid installation in industrial buildings and utility services. With the aid of specially designed pliers, an electrician is able to connect two cables or a cable branch with a single pinch. We designed this system from the initial concept to engineering, tool architecture and specification and outsourcing in the Netherlands and China.

Nanoliter Dispenser

This nanoliter dispenser forms the key component of the high-speed, low-volume, contactless dispensing machines manufactured by the firm Labcyte. These types of systems are used for the preparation of low-volume assays used in genetic research. We were responsible for product design, material selection and engineering. Read more

Handling and Transport Tools

ASML is the largest supplier of photolithography systems for the global semiconductor industry. The headquarters are based in the Eindhoven region in the Netherlands. These delicate, complex and expensive systems demand the highest standards and precision in all areas, including handling and transport. ASML ships its systems all over the world in submodules weighing from 3 to as much as 11 tons. Read more