3AX bicycle pedal

3AX is a new generation bicycle pedal with a third axle for extra freedom of movement. The origin of the invention can be found within the therapy and kinematics of human motion. While cycling, most people tend to tilt their feet inward or outward.

The introduction of a small swinging movement in the pedal allows the foot and the lower leg to move in a more natural way. This pedal can ensure that people with knee problems can cycle and train without pain.

Prior to the interview with the client, studies and tests were carried out to show that the principle works. In addition, different prototypes have been developed by the customer, but reproducibility, industrialization and branding are not included.


TSG Group has proposed a new design and re-branding towards the high-end sports market. The design and branding were done by TSG Essempio in close cooperation with TSG InnoteQ, which took care of engineering and strength simulations and analysis. Prototypes have been assembled and subjected to a built-up endurance test in our TSG Group workshop.

After optimization, the start of the supply chain, the start-up of the tooling phase and industrialization at a local social work provision started. In addition to the product design and the engineering, the packaging was also designed and photorealistic visualisations and animations were made.


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